REVIEW: Bridget Christie – A Bic For Her


Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Appropriate and liberal use of spazface.  An excellent example of Stand-up Comedy making genuine political progress by pushing a Feminist agenda (which is ok, by the way, it’s really not what you think it is).  What’s fantastic about this show in terms of Feminism is that as long as it is successful in comedy terms (i.e., makes people laugh) then it is successful in terms of the F-word (i.e. it’s a woman making us laugh).  Also contained within the show was a male audience member being encouraged in an emotional-blackmaily sort of way, to arrange a direct debit of £2 a month to Refuge.  And who said comedy couldn’t change the world?!  Nobody, probably.  Book now, it’s selling out like Johnny Rotten.

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