Jim Jeffries – exceptionally talented comedian or total bell end?


Both, probably. I watched Alcoholocaust today and was shocked at the opening five minutes, which was a furious tirade against straight women and lesbians (for different reasons, apparently they are poles apart). This included gems such as

‘lesbians are fucking miserable cause they have to hang out with women all day!’

 ‘If there’s any lesbians in the room (and I assume there’s not, laughter’s not really your thing) if you hate men so much, stop trying to look like ’em. You never see a Jew dressed as a Nazi.’

Ow. Bearing that opening in mind, watch this clip (or skip to 6mins in). He makes an interesting point, but is it clever enough to redeem what happened at the beginning of the show? Do we believe that he only makes those jokes so that he could point out the hypocrisy of the supposedly Christian audience? The ultimate defence of ‘offensive’ humour is that it’s only a joke, it doesn’t have any detrimental influence in a wider world. In this case however, it’s not the anti-women jokes or even the anger of the comedian that I find disturbing, it’s the audience’s reaction to it. They don’t laugh, they cheer. And that’s not comedy, that’s something a little bit scary.

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