The only child …

The only child I think I would have liked ever was Helen Keller ’cause she didn’t talk. [Laughter] And it’s just – [Laughter continues, audience member says ‘it’s not very funny’] Yes! It is! And if you don’t, then leave! [Laughter, audience member continues to protest ‘…if you have a deaf son’] I happen to have a deaf mother. Oh you stupid ass. Let me tell you what comedy is about. [He continues to protest] Oh please! You are so stupid. Comedy is to make everybody have a laugh at everything and deal with things. You idiot. [Applause and cheering, which grows] My mother is deaf, you stupid son-of-a-bitch. Don’t tell me! And just in case you can hear me in the hallway, I lived for nine years with a man with one leg, ok, you asshole! And we’re going to talk about what it’s like to have a man with one leg who lost it in world war 2 and then went back to get it, ’cause that’s fucking littering! So don’t you tell me what’s funny! Comedy is to make us laugh. Nine eleven – if we didn’t laugh, where the hell would we all be? Think about that! Where the hell would we all be? How can they not find Osama? There’s one [she laughs] there’s one outlet, he’s on dialysis, there is one outlet in all of Afganistan, find the plug and follow the cord! – Joan Rivers, 2008, Lake of the Torches, Wisconsin

Today, I have mostly been adoring Joan Rivers.

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